Implant Suported Dentures - Sparta, WI

Implant Supported Dentures Turn a Frustrating Removable Appliance Into a Permanent Solution

Dentures Do Not Preserve Your Jaw Bone

If you are a denture wearer suffering with loose dentures, you are not alone. Many patients report painful rubbing and embarrassing clicking noises because of the looseness. Dentures rest on top of your bone and do not stabilize the bone levels. Over time you will lose more bone, causing even worse complications and costly replacements. Now there is a solution in implant supported dentures.

Permanent Dentures

Permanent dentures are anchored in your jaw bone by dental implants and are designed to snap into place. They can be removable for easy cleaning, or they can be designed to fit securely at all times, removed only during your routine visits to our office. The dental implants eliminate the loose fit of your original dentures so no more messy adhesives are needed. There is no more embarrassing slippage when eating or speaking.


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Interested In Permanent Dentures?

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