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Sparta Dental Implants: Your Long-Term Solution

Do not temporarily fix your missing teeth problem. Find your permanent long-term solution with dental implants.

The Costly Health Effects of Missing Teeth

Missing teeth are not just an esthetic problem. Most people hate to have a smile full of gaps because of what it can do to their self-confidence, but even more important is the effect missing teeth can have on your health. When you lose a tooth, the surrounding bone starts to deteriorate and the adjacent teeth will start to tip and drift out of place. This will cause many issues with your bite and how you chew your food. These teeth are also more likely to break once they are out of alignment.

The Problem With a Temporary Solution

The problem with traditional forms of missing tooth replacements, such as partial dentures and bridges, is that they need regular repair and replacement. Removable appliances can also be tricky to get used to, limiting your food options and requiring messy adhesives to keep in place as they loosen over time. Removable appliances do not stabilize your jaw bone levels. The ideal long-term solution for missing teeth is dental implants.

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Key Benefits of Sparta Dental Implants

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Dental Implants Preserve Your Jaw Bone and Save Adjacent Teeth

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