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Invest in Your Future With Preventive Dental Care

Seeing Us Now Will Save You Time, Money, And Pain In The Future
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What Is Preventive Dental Care?

As your Sparta dentist, Dr. Jennifer Knoll knows the importance of making your time and money stretch as far as possible to take care of your family’s healthcare needs. Did you know seeing Dr. Knoll on a regular basis now can save you and your family time and money down the road? Preventive dental care means seeing Dr. Knoll every six months for routine cleanings and exams. Coupled with good home care habits, preventive dental care will provide you and your family a lifetime of healthy smiles.

Your Sparta Dentist

Dr. Knoll offers the following preventive dental care procedures, including:

Get the kids excited about clean teeth now and set them up with a healthy mouth for life. We offer routine cleanings and exams.

Food and bacteria can get caught in the deep grooves of your child’s molars. By sealing this area we can help prevent cavities and fillings as your child grows.

Fluoride is not only for kids but adults too! Protect your teeth and reduce sensitivity with this simple addition to your routine cleaning.

Dr. Knoll can detect abnormalities in the soft tissue of your mouth and catch oral cancer in its earliest stages.

IsoLite is used for illumination, retraction, airway protection, and helps the patient stay open during the procedure. It provides for more efficient and safer dentistry that is also hopefully more comfortable.

We can polish your teeth with an Arginine and Calcium Carbonate paste to relieve tooth sensitivity before procedures and routine cleanings.

Are your teeth sensitive to cold water? It is no problem with our heated water lines. Warm water instead of cold is used during cleanings and procedures.

Our hygienists provide instructions on technique and explanation of the various products we recommend, including Sonicare, ACT, ClinPro Flouride Paste, and many more!

Keep It Local

Dr. Jennifer Knoll is a Wisconsin native and has been a Sparta dentist since 2002. To find out more about preventive dentistry and to schedule an appointment with us, please call: 608-269-5282 or click on the link below